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Anti Beardruff Soap
Anti Beardruff Soap
Anti Beardruff Soap
Anti Beardruff Soap
Anti Beardruff Soap

Anti Beardruff Soap

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Designed to exfoliate away dead skin while encouraging the growth of healthy beard hair. 

Helps to reduce skin irritations.


Dark Roast Coffee Scent:

Filled with fresh dark roasted coffee grinds, honey, cinnamon, oats and shea butter, the soap will leave you feeling fresh and flake free  


Apple and Himalayan Salt Scent: 

Apple fragrance, crushed Himalayan Salt, oats, shea butter and coconut butter



Activated Charcoal, Oats, Olive oil and Coconut oil

We have collaborated with another Local Small Family Business to bring our NEW YETI SCRUB to you!

Central Coast Commons opened in February 2021 as the brainchild of local residents and soap aficionados Tom and Hema Urban.

While investigating their plans to open a soap making business, Tom and Hema were amazed to discover just how many great products were made on the NSW Central Coast. They were even more surprised to learn that many of these products were difficult to find or could not be purchased locally at all!

Tom and Hema made the decision to alter their plans and decided instead to create a business that would be both a manufacturer and a retailer. Central Coast Commons was born as a place where they could make and sell their own high quality, small batch soaps AND  offer a curated collection of locally made goods.

Central Coast Commons is all about supporting local business and showcasing the best that the region has to offer... and great soap!


* Use this as a shampoo for your beard followed by our Beard Wash as your conditioner*


Make as bundle $20

1 x Anti Beardruff soap, 1 x 250ml Beard Wash